Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Award from Onik

Some times ago some blogger gave me awards. But since I somehow feel so lazy to update my blog, I defer to post it until now. Now I want to talk about award that comes from Onik. She is one of my favorite blogger. She writes so many interesting articles about random things such as foods, beauty products, beautiful places, etc. Here are the awards:

The award’s rules are:
1. Thank and link to the person who awarded you
2. Share 7 facts about yourself
3. Pass on the award to 7 new-found blog friends
4. Let your friends know they were awarded!

Since most of my blogger friends have received this award too, so I think I will just stick with seven random facts about me. Here they are:

1. I’m very fond of local natural soaps lately. I’m trying to reduce inserting chemicals to my body. My favorite soap is citronella soap. I will review it someday.

2. My newest hobby is cross stitch. I used to be bored if I have to stay at home alone. But now I sometimes wish to be alone at home so that I can continue my cross stitch project. Here is the latest pattern I am currently working at:

3. My favorite snack is candied mango. It tastes a bit sour and sweet. I actually kind of scared to eat too much sugar, but the candied mango is always tempting to be enjoyed. You know what, my weight gained quickly and I become fatter since I often consume the candied mango. Now I'm trying to avoid eating it. I want to look slimmer :(

4. Currently there are new pet in my house, they are two cute little hamsters. My sister named them as Achan and Puchan. It is nice to play with them. But sometimes I feel sorry since they live in cages and can not live freely in nature.

5. Though I'm Asian, but I have reddish-brown hair color. Many people think that I dye it, but it is truly original color.

6. My favorite game in facebook is Pet Society and I never play other games. I’m a type of person who likes routine activity. Once I enjoy to play a game, I rarely have desire to play the other.

7. My most wanted book for today is Fantastic Cosmetic written by Kim Mi Kyung. I'll buy it immediately after the payday. Here is the book:

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