Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cure Natural Aqua Gel

I had tried some peeling gel: Arazyme, SNP, and some other products so that I didn't think I needed to try Cure Natural Aqua Gel though the girls rave it so much. I was thinking it must be similar to the other peeling gel products. Until someday I was planning to order some samples of BRTC blemish balm. The online store which I ordered the BRTC BB was also selling samples of Cure Natural Aqua Gel. So I decided to order it as well remembering that my Arazyme Peeling Gel is almost empty.

For you who doesn't know what peeling gel is, it is a gel which gives your skin an exfoliation to remove the dead skin and dirt. Removing the top layer of your skin is important to keep your complexion clean and smooth. Exfoliation is an important routine for me. I used to exfoliate my skin by peeling or scrubing once or twice a week. By doing this my skin is fairly protected from blackhead. But this product can’t get rid stubborn deeply embeded blackhead. I usually go to facial therapist to help me remove them. To exfoliate my skin, I ever used Skin Food Black Sugar Mask, Arazyme Peeling Gel, Etude Magic Enzyme Pack Peeling, and some other random products that was available in my beauty case.

Now, back to the topic, The Cure Natural Aqua Gel comes in gel texture, but will turn to liquid when it is being rubbed unto the skin. After rubbing it for a few seconds, you will see small white granules comes off from your skin. As the result, skin become smooth and hydrate.

It claims to be: No Fragrance, No Alcohol, No Artificial Preservatives/Coloring

How to User: apply a small amount on desired area after cleansing. Leave it for a few seconds to allow Cure Natural Aqua Gel to react to the skin cells. Avoiding the eye area, gently massage in a circular motion from 30 seconds to 1 minute. The gel will turn into a milky liquid and dead skin particles will be visible. Rinse well with water.

This is actually a good product. When I used arazyme, it felt mild. But it stings if I let it sit on my skin for few minutes before rinsing it, while the Cure Natural Aqua Gel is not. Besides, this product also gives me hydrate and smooth sensation everytime I use it. My skin feels moister than when I use Arazyme.

I’m eager to buy the full size someday! Going to collect my money first. The full size bottle is quiet pricey *sigh

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