Thursday, August 20, 2009

Acne Cheeks Causes

The areas where the acne grows might explain the causes of it. Knowing this symptom surely can help us to find the way to deal with it. At the moment, let start with the acne occurs on cheek. When you find the acne breakouts on your cheeks, please check this list:
  • Change the bedclothes/pillow case weekly. Dust and dirt hide in your sheet and might irritate your skin.
  • Always use clean bath towel to pat the face. Dirty towel contain bacteria which worsen the acne condition.
  • Do you have problems with your stomach? Improper digestion has a correlation to acne. When the digesting function is in trouble, the ability to break down the food into smaller particles becomes weak. Thus the absorbent of important nutrients will be poor and affects the immune system. Body cannot fight the bacteria effectively including the acne bacteria. If your acne and stomach problem are linked, try to reduce the intake of food which is hard to digest such as acidic food, spicy food, fried and oily food. If you cannot avoid eating those foods, try diluting the harsh contents in your stomach by flushing it with a glass full of plain water. Besides, pay attention to the dairy food for it may increase the hormonal oil sebum which is the main substance that forms acne. Too much oil or referred as sebum tends to collect and then blocks the pores. These trapped sebum mix with died skin cells and bacteria and grow as pimples. Try soy as the substitution for your dairy consumption.
  • Acne on the cheeks may also triggered by stress. Relaxing will help to refresh your skin.
Having acne on cheek will be very uncomfortable since cheek is one the most exposed part of our body. Recognizing the possibility causes help us to find the ways to avoid and treat the cheek acne.

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Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

wow, great post! ^^ I also suffer from bad acne on my cheeks, but after I replaced my dairy milk with soymilk, it's all better now.. the acne become so rare to find, hehe..

mapple said...

Ceecile, thanks for the testimony as a proof on my post hahaha ... I personally rarely to find acne on cheek. I often get it breakout on my chin. I heard it is caused by hormonal shift (-_- ;)

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Valz said...

Really cool and useful post, thanks!

Miss K. You said...

Wow I've been educated! I like the explanation for acne + digestion :) Also in response to your comment.. lotions are perfectly good as scents too! Sometimes I will only use a nice smelling lotion and everything is still good hehe.

mapple said...

@Valz, welcome and thanks for reading my post. I enjoy your site too .. so many beauty reviews ^-^

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Michelle (Lipstick Rules) said...

Interesting post! I used to have bad acne on my cheeks/forhead when I was a teen but finally outgrew in my 20s.


mapple said...

@Michelle, thanks for dropping by^^ I am still struggling to fight acne though I am 25 now. Too bad .. usually the acne pop out on my chin during my monthly cycle :)

ve~line fashion! said...
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ve~line fashion! said...

recently i bought day cream from body shop, seaweed series, luv it, light formula... i think it is quite suitable for oily skin like us..

mapple said...

@ve~line, thanks for sharing^^ I will be very glad if you tell me once you get the visibly result of the seaweed

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