Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Maybelline Lip Smooth

Now, I’m on my talking about lip cares. Due to a recommendation of a friend, I took Maybelline Lip Smooth last week. The price is rather cheap so I guessed its worth to try. Besides, this one is pigmented.

The Lip Smooth comes in some shades: Cherry, Cinnamon, Lemon, Strawberry and Mint. I bought the strawberry shade and it gives me a slightly reddish on my lip. It comes in sheer color. Very sheer so that I need to swipe few more times to get a clearer shade. The color is getting more visibly after some minutes. Instead of giving glossy appearance, you will get a matte lip with very sheer shiny color. It is suitable for you who want to perform sweet naturally.

It also has a very light scent of sweet fruity.
The packaging looks simple but cute. The matte gummy colored balm inside the stick looks like a candy. I think the product design is suitable most for teenage.

Once being applied, this balm instantly moistens my lip. It doesn’t feel greasy, but quite moisturizing. Unfortunately about half an hour after the first application, I loose the moist effect and need to reapply. Therefore, I still need to use Palmer’s lip balm on top of it since the Palmer’s works much better to keep the moisture of my lip.
It stated no sunscreen. But, this balm is enriched with vitamin A and E in order to protect and comfort your lips.

Just for your information, surprisingly I found someone over the internet said that Maybelline Lip Smooth was discontinued in some countries. I don’t know whether it is true or not and what is the reason. I use it for several days and it is still OK for me. Only it doesn’t moisten properly.


twinsouls888 said...

Hi girl tnx for visitin' my blog ^_^

About L'egere I'm gonna use it for a good two weeks just to test how it will react on my skin, then I'm gonna do a review hehe. But so far so good, I'm not complaining ^_^

mapple said...

hi Twinsouls, sure I'll wait for the review. After trying so many bb creams, I find mostly of them are good hehe ..