Thursday, November 26, 2009

Missha All Around Safe Block Ice Sun Gel SPF27 / PA++

Wrinkles and sunburn are frequently caused by the sun rays exposure. Therefore, we need to give extra protection to our skin. Sunscreen which is also called as sun block or sun cream is a product which is usually used as sunlight coverage. It works to reflect some of the UV radiation on the skin.

Receiving a sample of Missha All Around Safe Block Ice Sun Gel SPF27 / PA++, I had no idea about what exactly the product is. I bet it is a kind of sunscreen, and yes it is. It is a sunscreen in gel texture. I have a not too good experience with sun blocks. It's always thick, sticky, and uncomfortable. So I was not too enthusiast to try.

But, I saw a different thing with this one. The consistency is rather runnier than usual sun block. Though it is gel-based, it looks more likely sheer lotion. It's easy to spread and absorb quickly. It leaves a bit cool sensation. The gel itself is white, sheer, and (I think) has no scent. I tried to apply it on my face. Once being applied, my skin looks dewy, moisturized, and surprisingly not sticky. This is lighter than usual sun care.

The All Around safe block series from Missha come in several variants: gel, essence, water-in-sun (what is that??). Each of them has different grade of SPF. These are total all around sun protection that effectively helps protect your skin from harmful UV rays without heavy feeling or uncomfortable.
Unfortunately I hardly find the complete explanation of this series.

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Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

nice review! ^^
I never tried a sun gel before, if it's not sticky, I'm in!
I wanna try the etude's sunblock, though, the packaging is cuter, hehe.. ^^