Monday, November 30, 2009

VOV Daily Fresh Berry & Berry Wash Off Pack

The next VOV daily fresh pack that I used was Lifting Berry & Berry Pack. Different with the Charcoal pack, this one is gel-typed wash off masque.

VOV Daily Fresh Mini Pack Wash Off Pack Berry and Berry contains rich Vitamin which revitalizes skin and prevents the formulation of melanin. The circulation of blood is also promoted, leaving skin moistened and radiant

The masque texture is transparent to purplish, jelly-like and has mild berry scent. It has few of tiny red granules spread over the gel. The granule dissolves when being applied to the skin.

I squeezed a little of the gel and applied it on my well-cleansed face. Let it stays on for 20 minutes. The masque will not dry and tighten up on face. After that, wash off using warm water. It takes some times to remove the masque. Firstly I try to rinse it off with cool water but don’t work. Instead of get rid the residue, the cool water made my face become more sticky. Then I use warm water to rinse and the pack dissolves easily.

The result
I notice that my pores are purified. My skin tone looks more radiant. I think it will be nice to be used as weekly treatment.


BT said...

Hi mapple,
First of all, thanks so much for the tagging.

I've experienced difficulty of removing those sticky gel-textured mask too. Use a damped cotton pad/ball to remove it first will get the subsequent water-rinsing much easier. May be you can try this way next time. "V

mapple said...

@beautyKnot thank you for the advice. Surely I'll try that ^__^