Wednesday, November 04, 2009

VOV Daily Fresh Mini Pack (Pure Black Charcoal)

I got a chance to try the VOV Daily Fresh Mini Pack (Pure Black Charcoal). This is a peel off type masque which combats the oiliness by controlling sebum, gently exfoliates and removes the blackheads. It's a little weird to see dark stuff applied on face but charcoal is often used in beauty industries. Carbon (charcoal) is supposed to reduce the excess oil, thus will be more suitable for oily skin. Besides, charcoal is also used to remove the toxins. The last sentence comes from my opinion since I used to take carbon actives medicine whenever I get stomachache.

The VOV charcoal pack comes in a cute sachet which looks as a glass bottle with wooden cap. The bottle filled with charcoal bars. So eye catching.
The sachet holds 10ml size. Quiet much to be used for several times. I store the remaining masque in the cupboard. Surprisingly the pack doesn't dry at all and readily to be used at the next chance.

The texture is black and rather thick; forms as paste. Spread it all over cleansed face with finger or brush. Let the masque sits on for 15 minutes until it dries thoroughly and becomes a tight film. After that, peel it off started at the jaw line in upward motion. Rinse away the remaining residue with water. The masque dissolved easily when being touched by water. It is easier than other peel off masques I tried. Next, apply moisturizer to avoid over drying effect.

The result is clean smooth feel and purified pores. No great effect seen so far, just as usual peel off masques I've tried.

Beside of VOV, I have tried other charcoal packs such as Parci and Shiseido Black Masque. Parci charcoal pack is much tighter than the rest. It's really hurt when I pulled it out. My face looked reddish and sting after that. Shiseido is pretty similar to VOV. But it dried when I tried to store the remaining for future use.
Some girls who try the black masque say that it successfully pulls out their comedos, but I don't get it at all. My comedos stay the same. I do feel that the skin around my nose is firmer than usual, but the black spots (comedos) are still there. Maybe it is embedded to deep or somewhat.


sheri amor said...

I hear that charcoal is really good on skin,..and it's a bit expensive too

poetry levianny said...

oow its sachet is so cute hihihi.

mapple said...

@Poetry .. ya the sachet is nice^^